Just a little red dress…

By Shell Christine

It was just an ordinary dress or so I was told. But as it hung from the rack something spoke to me that this was my perfect match. Perhaps it was the  ruffled skirt and dark maroon red. Yes how could one wear such an Exquisite gown and not feel like a goddess? Maybe it caught my eye because it just happened to be my size? And maybe because when I tried it on, it fit me like a glove and instantly I knew that I was in love.

I spun around in the dressing room feeling radiant and alive, but all too soon my hope began to die. It started as a whisper that pierced my aching heart telling me that I was just a fool, a silly girl that could never be beautiful. As I quickly changed out of the dress all I could do was cry, just wishing that I could erase the voices from my mind.

I don’t know what compeled me to give the dress a second chance maybe it was because I knew it was love at first glance? In case you’re wondering what I mean,let me explain so you can better understand. When I said I was in love, I don’t mean with the dress, but rather with the designer of this extraordinary gown who fashioned it  to match my crown. After pushing aside all of those lies, I had to come face-to-face with myself. You see I wasn’t just an ordinary girl in a red dress but rather a princess ravished and adored by the King of Kings who bore my crown of thorns. He bled and hung naked on a tree, all so  I could be clothed in this gown of royalty. He was spit upon and cursed,  so that I could one day know my worth. I am ravished and adored and worthy of pursuit, and everytime I wear this little red dress I’m reminded of  how He pursued me even unto death.

My only hope is that I can do the same, and keep pursueing Jesus until the day that he takes me away. And when that day comes when we meet face-to-face, I hope to cast at His feet the crown He gave to me.

17 going on 27…

Wow, 27 I never EVER thought I would be this old… jk I know it’s not that old, and technically I have another month and a half before my birthday.

But, I remember when I was seventeen, in fact as cliche as it sounds it feels like it was yesterday.

At 17 I was a pretty awkward girl, who lived a very sheltered life.  I was also a junior in highschool, didn’t fail a grade just started a year late;)

I was pretty sure at this age, I still held on to the hope that one day I was going to move to Hollywood and marry Elijah Wood lol.  Hey don’t judge I kinda had a little bit of an obsession with the Lord of the Rings.

It’s funny because most people would probably think that is a weird movie for a teenage girl to be obsessed with lol and if you are thinking that you’re pretty much on point.

17 was about the time when I was finally able to turn the page of a very long, and scary chapter in my life.  In fact during the early stages of my teen years, I got so into the Lord of the Rings because I just wanted to escape to the Shire, because even Middle Earth with all it’s perilous lands was far more inviting then the Mount Doom size existence my life had become.

But after flipping the page, a new chapter was about to begin, one that sadly didn’t get much better.

Now, I was an adult, so I had to grow up… lol at least that’s what we tell ourselves haha.

I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that we never fully grow up… We’re all just Peter Pan’s in search of our Never land.

I learned a lot of lessons in the next stage of my life.

I learned how to be dependent, and how to take care of myself.

I think the most important lesson I learned was how to hear the voice of God.  And you know the craziest part is that voice isn’t always audible, sometimes you can hear his voice in the most bizarre places.

Sometimes it was just asking Jesus to be so close to Him that I could hear His heart beating only to be awakened in the night by the sound of a beating heart.

But sometimes, even Jesus has a sense of humor.  For example, I remember one time I was missing my cat so bad and just had this thought that I really wanted to hug a cat, and as I walked outside there was a stray kitty sitting there who graciously let me hug him.

There was another time that I was really craving root beer, and at that time my roommate walks in with a root beer just for me having known nothing of what was going on in my head.

If you are wondering, “where is she even going with this?” that is a good question because to be honest sometimes I go off on tangents, and sometimes I just write what’s on my heart…

What has been weighing on my heart pretty heavy lately is just wow… if I just take five minutes to sit back and reflect on the last ten years of my life I am truly in awe that

1) I didn’t die on multiple occasions,

2) just how many adventures good and bad I have been on in the last decade of my life.

I have traveled all over the United States, officially been to 10 countries, and throughout my travels I almost died on a mountain top in Washington state, on a bridge in San Fransisco, and in a resort in Orlando Florida.

Those are all crazy stories that I will have to save for another blog, but after saying all that I have come to one conclusion that my story isn’t over yet and the enemy NEVER has the last word!

I have seen so much pain, depression, and trying times in the last ten years of my life, but you know what I have also seen? LOVE

An indescribable, reckless crazy love that has literally literally pulled me from the fires of Mordor and planted my feet firmly in the rolling hills of the Shire.

So as you may know, I never married Elijah Wood, because thankfully God had a better plan. I have been happily married to my best friend Brendon for a year now, and we have an amazing puppy named Sir Winston Pooh Bear.  We live in the beautiful state of Florida where I have finally gotten to make my childhood dream of going to Disney World a reality about 200 plus times lol,  I even got engaged there!

So as we step into this new chapter in our lives, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on everything God has brought me through and look forward in anticipation to all that God has in store for our future.

I know it won’t always be easy but if this life has taught me anything it’s that we only get one life so don’t waste it.  Don’t stay at a company that doesn’t care about you, and go on that trip even if you are afraid you can’t afford it.  Make time for all the people and things you love because you deserve it!

Find what you are passionate about and do it! Sometimes feeding your soul is more important then your bank account.

Sit back with a hot cup of tea, just relax in a hot bubble bath and breathe,

You’ve got this girl, and most importantly He’s got you! So go make this decade great!










                                                                     My Cozy Corner,

Hey friends! Thanks for joining me today in Shell’s Cozy Corner!

I hope you can join me today for a good cup of coffee, quick morning snuggles, and some much needed relaxation.

In today’s busy world I think it is an absolute necessity to have a cozy corner of your own, a place where you can just hide away too and just breathe, sip on that hot latte, snuggle your favorite stuffed animals, pray, or simply take a much needed nap.

I wanted to take a brief moment to tell you about my cozy corner and why it is so special to me.

So for all my fans that know me, you would probably describe me as super organized, structured, and just super into making my home a cozy place where all who enter it just feel relaxed.  Something else about me is I love things to match,  and I LOVE CRAFTING!

As you can see in this picture on the end table is a lamp, which I made.

In fact almost everything in this picture tells a story.

I think one of the hardest things about marriage thus far is compromise.

You mean I seriously have to let my husband put out all his sports memorabilia on display?

That totally clashes with my 20th century Victorian, French vintage vibes going on lol,

And alas that is why all his sports stuff is on a shelf in the closet, because it can’t be seen there;)

But in marriage it’s all about compromise, so I guess that is why  I have a Georgia teddy bear with that awful red shirt on our bed lol, i’m just kidding…

Nothing against the team, just the color.

But even that bear tells a story, for you see it was the first Christmas gift I got my baby, right before we went on our epic road trip to NYC.

The flowers you see above the bed, were saved from our wedding

a forever reminder of our special day…

The laughter sign is just something that simply reminds me to laugh,

And who can’t possibly be happy when you look at that bright cheery sign?

The bright purple elephant is a gift my husband got me in Africa,

and the blue blanket is his baby blanket.

And then there is my laptop which holds all my most valuable stories,

And sitting next to that is Dillon, the purple gator that changed my life forever,

and is about to become the most popular children’s toy of all time:)

So my friends what’s in your corner? and do you have one?

Now when we have a place of our own, I will probably have an office, because sometimes when the bed is your office, you can’t help but take excessive naps lol

But this is my challenge to you.

If you don’t have a space, make one…

Everyone needs a place where they can just unwind,

and let the cares of yesterday melt away…

So clear out a space in your closet, attic, basement, whatever

Hang up your favorite Christmas lights,

then fill that space with the things that make you the most happy,

And when you’ve found your space,

Anything will be possible in your cozy place.

If I had a million dollars, or just a million dreams…


IMG_9924.jpgIf I had a million dollars, or just a million dreams,

My head itself could not contain the dreams I’d dare to dream.

If I had a million dollars, or just a million dreams,

there are just far too many places that I would want to see.

I wouldn’t need a mansion, a nice car, or more diamond rings,

In fact, I’d be more then content living on a plane, somewhere in the sky

Because why live on the land, when you can fly?

If I had a million dollars, or just a million dreams,

I’d start my own company, launch my book series, and maybe even pitch the entire brand to Disney.

I’d partner with the mouse, to start a whole new kind of TV show,

Of course since this is all my idea, naturally I’d want to be the host,

Traveling near and far to grant wishes to those that need it the most.

If I had a million dollars, or just a million dreams,

I’d take my dreams and make them a reality.

I don’t need a lot of money, in fact I’d probably give most of it away

For you see what I need the most, can’t be bought or sold.

You don’t need a million dollars to make all your dreams come true,

because money comes and money goes,

but their is one thing that will always remain.

You see there is  just one thing you can’t buy and that is

Each moment that makes up each second of each day,

for you see it is how you live those moments that will determine what path you will take.

If you squander your time, and just waste it all away,

you could have all the money in the world

and you would still  be the poorest person alive,

Because the richest person you may know, might not have a six figure bank account,

But they are the most wise,

Because they plant seeds in each moment of their lives,

and give their time away to those who need it the most,

Because it is only when you give what you already have,

that your million dreams will begin to grow,

And thus making you the richest person you will ever know!





Lady and the Tramp: my story behind the “tale”


If you were to ask me as a kid what my favorite Disney movie was, I would have said without a doubt Winnie the Pooh( probably why I named my first dog that) or Toy Story, both wonderful Disney masterpieces and more iconic films. For anyone who knew me as a kid, or my family you would know that we grew up old school Disney, and if you don’t know what that means then you have probably never heard of A Tiger Walks, or the Happiest Millionaire, also classics just not as well known.

In fact for as far back as I can remember, Disney has been embedded in my bloodstream.  I’ll never forget my very first stuffed animal I got as a kid was Piglet, thus beginning  my crazy obsession with pigs.  Little fact that most people may not know is that to this day I firmly believe that it is because of me that Disney carries piglet merchandise in their Winnie the Pooh store at Magic Kingdom.  Let me explain.

As a kid it was my biggest dream to go to Disney world, but with eight children it just wasn’t affordable.  But alas, I still believed in this dream, and when I became an adult and moved to Florida I got to go to Disney World for the first time at twenty-two years old.  Naturally, I rode the Winnie the Pooh ride, and was devastated to discover not one Piglet stuffed animal in the entire store.  After nicely asking several cast members about my predicament they said they were sorry and not sure why they didn’t have any.  Luckily, Disney fixed this conundrum, and two years later when I visited the same store it was well stocked with many piglet toys, and stuffies. My cute term for stuffed animals (I am in no way claiming to have come up with this term.)

But alas there is one Disney masterpiece that is often swept under the rug, and is just not as popular and well known as the other films and that is Lady and the Tramp.  As simple as this story may be it has quickly become one of my favorite movies, and currently holds a very special place in my heart.  A couple months ago, me and my Disney obsessed fiancee decided on a whim that we would audition for the live action remake of this film.  We were so beyond excited because how many people get the chance to be in a Disney film, let alone see how a Disney film gets made?


So naturally as a supportive soon to be wife I was beyond excited when he got a call to be in the film… there was just one problem I didn’t receive a call.  Wait a second, hold the phone, doesn’t Disney know that this was my dream?  After all everyone knows that I would be the perfect Lady or Darling because I was practically born in the turn of the 20th century.  Another thing about me is that vintage is just as much embedded in my blood stream as Disney.  This movie takes places in the same era as Titanic, which hello is my all time favorite movie:)  But jealousy aside, I was ecstatic for him and it’s not Disney’s fault that I was just too “practically perfect in every way” for the part!:)

-Mary Poppins

wow… I’m just cracking myself up with these Disney jokes.

So a couple weeks went by and the filming began.  One night as I lay in my bed sleeping, I had this crazy dream.  So another fact about me is that I have crazy dreams, some prophetic, and some just insanely wonderful.  So in this particular dream, Jesus took me on a back stage tour of the new Star Wars land (opening 2019) and  on the set of Lady and Tramp while it was being filmed.  For a Disney fan it was like a dream come true, and so vivid and real.  When I woke up, I whispered softly to myself,

“thank you Jesus.” It’s like He knew the desires of my heart and because I wasn’t able to go on the film He brought the film to me!” He truly cares about every detail of our lives,

But I was in for the surprise of my life, because I soon found out that this dream was about to become a reality.  Through a crazy series of events I got my dream come true, I finally got to go on set of a real life action Disney movie. Now I’m just waiting for the backstage tour of Star Wars land lol:)

After looking back over this past year in reflection  it would seem like I have everything together in my life because you see this has actually been my best year yet.  In 2018, I published my first book, traveled to four different countries, been on set of a real Disney movie, married the love of my life, and have been to Disney World almost 50 times( going for the Guinness world record btw)

But you see if I were to give you a glimpse of the twenty four years  of my life before 2018, you would come to the conclusion that my life looks nothing like a Disney movie.  You see, I have experienced loss, my mom died when I was seven, I have experienced abuse, depression, many moves, horrible jobs that tried to rob me of my happiness  but there is one thing that I could never lose, or have taken away and that is my joy.  My joy isn’t found in how many times I go to Disney, or how many stars I wish on.  These things make me happy, and I believe that is why God created magic to make people happy, but joy can only be found in Jesus.  He is the only One who has brought me through the hard times, brought life to my dreams, and encourages me everyday to see the world through the eyes of a child.  I think that’s why I love Disney so much, it teaches us to never grow up. I believe that it is only when we see the world through the eyes of a child that we will truly begin to live!

So as you reflect on 2018, and launch into 2019, ask yourself this? What brings you happiness? Is it your family? your job? the next vacation you are planning to go on? These things are all great but never be so focused on the plans of the future that you forget to live in the joy of the moment. Spend time with your family, pursue your dreams,  be a 50 year child at Disney, take that roadtrip you’ve been dreaming about, travel overseas.  You may not have the money, but you will make time and money for whatever is important to you.  We, myself included have wasted too much time on things that rob us of our joy, and to this I say no more!

So in 2019, breathe in the good, exhale the bad, embrace each moment and JUST LIVE!


Someone not like you



You led me to believe that my expectations were too high.

That no matter how hard I tried,

I was never worthy of your love,

That I was never enough.

You led me to doubt myself,

my value, and my self-esteem,

And ultimately you tried to get me to doubt my dreams.

You told me that I was just a fool,

for actually believing that you thought I was beautiful.

You told me that my head was in the clouds,

that I was living in a fantasy,

and never in the real world

were you and I meant to be.

You told me that it was all my fault,

and that’s what I get for believing in fairytales.

You told me that in the real world happily ever afters don’t exist.

And you almost had me convinced.

Until someone not like you walked into my life, and shattered all your myths.

All of the sudden I no longer believed your silly lies, or blamed myself.

Because I realized something very profound.

I am a daughter of the King of Kings

a princess by His decree,


And if anyone tells me otherwise,

then it’s just a lie.

So just walk away,

because I don’t need you in my life.

It took someone not like you

to teach me this valuable truth.

That because He first loved us,

I am worthy to be loved.

I am now so lavished with love,

that I never have to doubt am I enough.

Because the right man will not tell you

that your dreams are too big,

But that they are too small,

and he will cheer you on,

until you have achieved them all.

The right man won’t tell you,

your expectations are too high,

but he will strive to meet them all

until the day he dies.

Lastly the right man will never tell you

to get your head out of the clouds,

but to go far beyond them to the moon and never come down.

Because everyone knows

that the prince and princess built their castle in the sky.

Because why live on the ground,

when you were born to fly?

I’m so thankful that Jesus brought

someone not like you into my life,

who opened up my eyes to all your lies

and showed me what I’m capable of

with a little bit of pixie dust

and a Whole Lotta Love.

Letters from Jesus… (straight from His heart to mine)

2017-10-16 12.17.52.jpgDear Shell,

Honestly I’m not even sure what to say right now,  So here goes nothing.

You’re beautiful, and your desire to love me blows my mind and rocks my world!

Do you have any idea how amazing you are?

The fact that you would take the time to not just ask me these questions, but would also relinquish the pen, and let me write through you astounds me!

If you could only imagine the beautiful life I have called you to live…

You would be speechless!

Why do you doubt me?

Don’t you realize that it is finished?

When I died on that cross I nailed every sin that you have ever committed or will commit on that tree!

It is no more!

So why do you doubt me?

I WANT YOU!!! that’s the bottom line…

I want your laugh,  your smile, your quirky sense of humor, your beautiful eyes, your life, your everything,

and I will not stop, until I have it all!

Why do you hold back?

“Greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world!”

Do you understand who you have inside of you?

You can do anything! no holding back!


I need you! More than you’ll ever know.

I need your smile, your laugh, your warm hugs, and my cuddle buddy!

Quit focusing on situations and men and focus on me!  I will reveal all that I have planed for you in time,

So quit trying to figure it all out,

Because it is too profound, and too much beauty for you to possibly comprehend!

Just rest assured that I made you, and your beautiful heart, and your desire to be wrecked and ravished by a man, but most importantly me!


“If you jump I jump, remember Jack?!”

I made you,  I know you, and all that you desire, and I am making something so beautiful and romantic for you even as I speak to you now…

Just trust me, ALL OF ME!

Because it’s going to be beautiful,

It’s going to be wild, and it’s going to ravish your heart and soul, and blow you away!

Know this baby girl,


I will only give you away to the man that treats you like the princess you are!

He is amazing, and when the time is right I will reveal all to you…

But for now, enjoy me, soak in my presence,  take chances, and don’t be afraid to live,

Because life is too short to live anything but radical!

Always your daddy,  Jesus

I Love you princess!

No longer sorry


2017-06-27 14.09.46.jpg

If there is one regret I have from past relationships or in life in general it is that I apologize too much.

I’m in no way perfect.

I’m just a messed up sinner saved by grace just like everyone else,

but I’m done letting people walk all over me,

and apologizing when they leave because I feel like I did something wrong.

I will not apologize for who I am!

Yes, sometimes I fall too hard too fast,

and when I love someone, whether it’s just friendship or romantic, I put my whole heart and soul into it.

People have told me that that’s a mistake,

because it will only make it that much harder when they break my heart.

But what I’ve learned in the short 24 years of my life,

is that choosing to love someone is never a mistake,

and no man can ever truly break my heart,

because he never had it in the first place.

But you see life is too short, and I don’t want to live my life with regrets anymore.

When I die, I want to be remembered as the girl who made this world a better place,

not as the girl who was always sorry.

Jesus literally had his heart broken on a cross for me,

and if I choose to live each day in my brokenness and pain,

I’m  telling him his death was in all in vain.

So yes, I might be slightly crazy.

I have two left feet, a quirky sense of humor,

and even though most days I may feel more like a complicated messed-up trainwreck,

I’m reminded that God still uses broken glass to make the most beautiful works of art.

So if  I have one piece of advice for all my single ladies,

it’s to embrace your weirdness!

Embrace what makes you, you.

Don’t let anyone ever make you feel sorry for being yourself!

Treat people the way you desire to be treated, and if they walk away it is their loss and not your fault!

Love as if hearts couldn’t break, and choose to love people like Jesus every single day!

how they treat you in return,  is not your concern!

Sometimes you just have to smile, and let them walk away

For some lessons just needed to be learned,

that bridge just needed to be burned,

For you to finally realize your worth!

For out of the ashes you will rise, stronger then ever before!

For you princess are a diamond,


And if anyone tells you otherwise then they don’t deserve your heart!

When dreams go dark…

2017-06-16 17.51.03

Scared little girl of only 24…

Do you dare to dream that there could be more?

You stand there looking at yourself in the mirror with this look of confusion and mourn with so many questions racing through your mind…

for this is not the reality you pictured in your head.

For if this is your “happily ever after” you’d rather be dead.

As tears begin to well up in your eyes you think to yourself this has to be a lie!

This cannot be my fate, or have you made too many mistakes, and it’s just too late.

There has to be another way, but then the doors open and the song begins to play.

So in your black wedding dress and your face hidden behind a veil,

you march down the aisle to your impending hell.

You’re shaking like a scared little girl, and as the music drowns out your cries you barely hear above the noise

a faint voice,

whisper your name… “Shell.”

“Who’s there?” I quietly mutter to the air.

To my utter dismay, there’s no reply, and as I reached the altar he roughly placed his hand in mine.

He pulled me into his embrace and I had no choice but to look him straight in the face.

His face was ragged and scarred and his eyes were darker than the night.

And when he looked at me they pierced me to the core and made me feel like nothing more than a cheap whore.

He made me feel as if I had nothing left to give,

and I  had  lost all hope to live.

His grip on me was so tight I knew there was no escaping or I would die.

With an unexplainable hatred pouring from his lips he uttered  three words I would never forget!

“you are mine!”

Then he pulled me into a kiss.

But just before our lips could touch,

I heard that voice again this time it was angry and loud when I looked I saw a man running down the aisle.

He ran with such a force that my captor pushed me to the floor and ran for his life knowing that he didn’t stand a chance against that man.

All I recall is that I heard that sweet voice whisper my name again… “Shell.”

He swept me into his arms and held me so close to his heart that I could feel it beating through mine.

After holding me for a while, he dried the tears from my eyes and placed on me a gown of white.

Then he took me aside and whispered in my ear for only me to hear.

“Shell, my beautiful Shell, don’t ever give up on your dreams as crazy as they may seem!

You see I gave you this romantic heart so that I could pursue you just the way you are!

The world may tell you that fairy tales dont exist,

but you’re living proof that that’s just a myth and certaintly not true.

Because I wished for you!

And YOU made my wildest dreams come true!

Someday you’ll have that perfect day that you always dreamed about!

Your prince Will come and you’ll both fall madly in love!

But mark my words, you were my little girl first,

and maybe I’m just not quite ready to let you go…

So until that day

please stay…

I need you more than you’ll ever know!

you’re not just my daughter but also my princess.

I redeemed you and clothed you in this gown of royalty!

And if anyone ever tells you otherwise,

I’ll make them wish they had never been alive!

No one makes my baby girl cry!

because you are the apple of my eye!

and for you I would gladly give my life.”

So with these words He pulled me into his embrace,

restored my darkened dreams and turned them back to light,

and from that moment I knew that everything would be alright.

Love like hearts can’t break

2017-05-24 23.30.31

If you know anything about me you know that I’m a hopeless romantic at heart.

Since I was a little girl I’ve wished on shooting stars, believed in fairy tales, and convinced myself that someday my prince will come, sweep me into his arms and we’d  fall madly in love.

I’ve seen the Notebook so many times that I can quote each line, and still to this day the Titanic makes me cry.

When Elle Woods throws chocolates at the TV screen, I so can relate! Because I’ve been in her shoes, and  I’ve asked myself many times why can’t guys just get a clue?!

You think after every single heartbreak I’d learn from my mistakes, but once again I find myself throwing caution to the wind and being more than just his friend.

At first it’s so exciting and new because you both don’t have a clue so with feet first you dive right in.

But somewhere along the road between a friendship and something more, he says those four words that crush you to the core.

I just don’t like you anymore.

Of course I do the typical girl thing and I cry and I cry and I cry, but just when  I feel like I can’t shed one more tear I hear Jesus whisper in my ear.

“Shell you have been given an incredible gift!

You love as if  hearts could not break so don’t ever think that choosing to love someone was a mistake!

Because maybe they needed to be loved this way so they can get a glimpse of how I see them every single day!

One day it will all make sense! So please don’t cry! just rest in my promise that you are forever mine, and I will never break your heart for as long as you’re alive!”

My last relationship may not have ended in an epic romance, but at least I took the chance.

Because even though he was not “the one” he was definitely not a mistake!

A risk yes,  but one I was willing to take!

So until that day when I meet my prince charming face to face, I’ll continue to love as if hearts couldn’t break, and  fall more madly in love with Jesus every single day!

Because since the start He’s the only one who has never broken my heart!